Friday, May 23, 2014

Where did everything go?

Those who read this blog....if there are any of you.....might wonder where everything has gone? Usually when people visit this blog they can see all of my past entries, however today all you see besides this entry is.....

empty space?

So where did everything go? Where are all of my past entries?

I deleted them.

I felt like I needed a fresh start. I truly enjoy blogging, and I always have full intentions on blogging all the time. However, I wonder if anyone even reads the blog and then I just give up. I started thinking lately about starting the blog back up, and then I wondered if I should do so since I don't have much of a follower base.

That's when it clicked. If I am writing this blog for others to read then it is never going to succeed. This blog needs to be written for myself. I need to post the stuff I do for me. If along the way I help others then its just a bonus. Now I seem to have the drive to actually make this work this time.

Before I posted this, I spent a little time reading back through some of the past blogs that I have done. I decided to delete everything and start fresh. So some of the stuff you see in the next few weeks may be repeats. I apologize for that but hope anyone that is seeing this will stick with me long enough for me to get it up and running again.

I thank you in advance for you patience while I get this all sorted out! :)

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  1. Hi Jessica :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog (a while ago), and for the compliment on my studio space :-) I think this post is courageous! I've thought about deleting my old posts several times, but always chicken out. I usually come up with a good-sounding justification - "It's an authentic, honest blog, and these posts are its authentic, honest roots!" - but really... I'm just chicken ;-) Kudos to you!